Friday, October 29, 2004


Some Last-Minute Pre-Election Thoughts

Courtesy of Dean Esmay, a link to an essay by John Weidner.

Crucial excerpt:

By historical standards this has been a war with astonishingly few mistakes.

[but] the real issue is that things that are called "mistakes" are only mistakes in relation to a particular goal that they move us away from. If you assume we have a different goal, the same thing may not be a mistake.

And the critics won't say what their goal is! Or what they think America's goal should be. That's sneaky.

I couldn't agree more. As The Professor says, read the whole thing.

UPDATE: One more link, with thanks to The Mudville Gazette, on the subject of Kerry's last-minute feelings about the War in Iraq. Had he been President, would we have gone to war or would we not have? Follow the link; Kerry will put all your doubts to rest.

The link is also notable for this unforgettable photo:

Yes, that's Saddam's throne... one of them. Yes, the painting behind it conveys his future intentions, or what he wanted his visitors to believe his future intentions would be; take your choice.

And yes, the throne is empty. Thank God.

UPDATE 2: Here's another relevant link, with the crucial question:
Who was it who really lied about stockpiles of WMD?
Please do read it all.
-- DiB


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