Wednesday, October 27, 2004


What? Two Posts On The Same Day?

...ah, but I must...

Please take a moment to read why a British historian believes Bush must be reelected, and Kerry defeated.

A few choice excerpts:
The great issue in the 2004 election it seems to me as an Englishman is, How seriously does the United States take its role as a world leader, and how far will it make sacrifices, and risk unpopularity, to discharge this duty with success and honor? In short, this is an election of the greatest significance, for Americans and all the rest of us. It will redefine what kind of a country the United States is, and how far the rest of the world can rely upon her to preserve the general safety and protect our civilization.


There is nothing glamorous about the Bush presidency and nothing exhilarating. It is all hard pounding, as Wellington said of Waterloo, adding: "Let us see who can pound the hardest.” Mastering terrorism fired by a religious fanaticism straight from the Dark Ages requires hard pounding of the dullest, most repetitious kind, in which spectacular victories are not to be looked for, and all we can expect are "blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” However, something persuades me that Bush with his grimness and doggedness, his lack of sparkle but his enviable concentration on the central issue is the president America needs at this difficult time.

There's a lot more. Please go read it all. (Hat tip: Blackfive.)

Daniel in Brookline


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