Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A Few One-Liners

Sometimes it's humbling to see someone express something far more eloquently than you can yourself. I've noted that about James Lileks before; and to my annoyance and delight, he continues to do it -- in this case, expressing his puzzlement that people would protest the American presence in Iraq, on the very day that Iraqis had voted for a Constitution thanks to that American presence. To wit:
What struck me was that these people standing by the shopping mall were protesting the means by which the right to vote had been secured. It seems like protesting Meals-on-Wheels because the truck broke the speed limit and had expired tags.
Precisely. Yes, War Is A Bad Thing, I agree... but can't we be thankful when something good comes of it?

Michelle Malkin also comes to mind:
And I would add my observation about the "diversity" crowd's unabashed support for racial profiling in every kind of domestic policy--housing, education, government contracting, etc. -- except where homeland security is concerned.
Damn, she's good. How come I never thought of that?

She's quite correct. People who object to racial profiling only seem concerned about it when it determines who gets arrested. But if it determines who gets into college, who gets a job, where Congressional districting lines are drawn, or just about anything else, racial profiling is just fine, isn't it?


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