Sunday, October 16, 2005


Add Another Blogroll To The Fire...

...or something like that. I've just had the honor of being blogrolled by The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog, under the category "Bad People Wrong About Iraq War Being Right". (There's one other category, called -- you guessed it -- "Good People Right About Iraq War Being Wrong".) And hey, that blog is considerably higher up the food chain than this one is.

I admire the author's moral clarity, although not his (or her) spelling or grammar... and I'm happy to return the favor.

UPDATE: Smash has pronounced it the "Worst. Blog. Ever"... which appears to have started a bit of a firestorm. Wheee!

(Summary: Smash and The World's Worst Blogger duke it out. Smash wins, hands down; apparently his opponent can't figure out how to comment on Smash's site.)

UPDATE II: The blog (commonly abbreviated IWW, I believe) collects testimonials. I'll offer my own here: "Four out of five dhingers agree: the Iraq War is right, and The Iraq War Is Wrong is wrong".

(I also suggested "Of all The Iraq War Is Wrong blogs I've ever seen, this is The Iraq War Is Wrongest!"... but perhaps the first is preferable.)


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