Wednesday, October 12, 2005


On Harriet Miers

You know, I wondered why I was finding it so difficult to get worked up about this. Yes, yes, I know that the blogosphere -- particularly the right-of-center portion of it -- has been up in arms about the whole thing. Why couldn't Bush have selected a more capable candidate like [insert name here], why does the majority party not act like it already, and so forth.

And I've been somewhat blasé about the whole thing. I wasn't sure why... until I checked out Neo-neocon just now:
The fallout from the radioactive Miers nomination has revealed a rift on the right that was always there but was never quite so clear before (at least to me): a gap between those whose overriding focus is the war on terror/Islamofascism, and those who would throw it all over in a heartbeat for a chance to fight for a strict constructionist majority on the Supreme Court and other aspects of the conservative domestic agenda. And all this before the latter group even knows for sure whether Miers wouldn't in fact be pretty closely aligned with them in fighting for that conservative domestic agenda.

Weigh the two against each other and see which is more important.
Yep. We're fighting a war, one which will potentially last for decades, and the outcome of which could determine whether generations to come will live in freedom or in fear. We have brave men and women fighting, and dying, and being ridiculed for it, all in the defense of us and our future generations. We have terrorists desperately trying to find an effective political target they can hit, and Allied troops punishing them hard at every turn... and loud-mouthed domestic flatheads screaming to bring our troops home, just when we're doing better than ever.

In all that, I'm honestly not too concerned who the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States will be. As long as he or she is an American -- heck, I'll even go out on a limb, and ask that he (or she) not be a regular reader of Daily Kos or Democratic Underground -- I'll be fine with that.

If Harriet Miers has the loyalty and support of President Bush (which, as I understand, he doesn't give away to just anybody), that's more than enough for me.

(Please note that NNC's readers make some good points in the comments to her post. Check it out.)


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