Wednesday, May 04, 2005



...which is Greek for "a bunch of things with no common thread to hold them together".

This, for example. How come nobody warned me?

Or this. (Gee, maybe I should blog more often... or at least make my posts longer.)

And then there's this. (Possibly a little unfair -- our soldiers look a bit the worse for wear sometimes too. But it's still funny.)

On a serious note, Goofy Gets Left Behind very nearly made me cry. What a wonderful story.

And there's a different sort of goofy on today's OpinionJournal:
One bulldozer guarded by seven jeeps and 30 [...] officers entered the Sudania area on the coast of northern Gaza on Monday morning to crush the three homes, which were being built by a major, a lieutenant-colonel and a colonel on public land they illegally seized. The operation encountered no resistance.
So what's so special about Palestinian homes being destroyed by bulldozers? They were Palestinian bulldozers.

As James Taranto cheerfully comments, where's Rachel Corrie when we need her?

UPDATE: Hey, if Taranto can do it, then so can I...


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