Monday, April 25, 2005


"Don't Get Around Much Anymore"

I was just leafing through some of BlackFive's old posts, and found a cool link:

It's a personalized map of the United States, showing states I've been in. (I refuse to count states I've just driven through or changed planes in; all of them are states where I've at least spent the night, albeit with a technicality or two.)

Damn, I don't get around much, do I?? (Click here to make a personalized map of your own, by the way.)

(And no, I'm not going to try the personalized World Map. I've lived in the United States and Israel, and I've stayed overnight in Canada, the UK, and one or two other places. Certainly not enough to brag about.)

Once my current barbershop quartet gets off the ground, I'll set up another map, showing states we perform in. (My last quartet performed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Hampshire. Oh well, it's a start.)

UPDATE: That site has other uses, too. For example, playing License-Plate Bingo is a favorite at our house -- especially with three little girls in the car for long road trips! -- and this is an interesting way of keeping track. For example, here is a list of state license-plates I saw on my way home from work today.


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