Friday, April 08, 2005


Day By Day

From last week:

To paraphrase my grandfather: "in truth it's a pity, and pity it's the truth".

I used to respect the UN. (Not for long, mind you -- I am an Israeli, after all.) The UN had such wonderful ideals, and got off to such a great start. Of course, every movement's apologists say exactly that.

Now that the UN is at the center of the biggest corruption scandal in history, not to mention the most pervasive sex-abuse case ever known... why does anyone still respect them? (The best answer I've heard, anywhere, is a weasel-worded "well, we really need a World Government, and the UN is the closest we have to that; besides, you have to start somewhere". Sorry, not good enough by a long shot.)

Even if UN workers were not simultaneously acting like protection-money racketeers, wholesale child molesters, and outright cowards, they'd have to face up to the fact that they've failed, dismally, in precisely the objective the UN was founded for -- preventing war and protecting innocents from genocide. Future generations will not forgive us for Darfur. And now, with people by the thousands being murdered on the UN's watch, all they seem to care about is covering their own backs in the Oil-For-Food scandal. Inexcusable.

I've been watching the UN's prettied-up antisemitism and pandering to dictators for a good many years -- and I must say, it's a funny feeling to think that these are now the least of the UN's problems...


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