Thursday, April 28, 2005


Knowing Who Your Friends Are

No, I wasn't too happy about this hand-holding pic either:

On the other hand, I'm apparently not the only one who believes that there's more here than meets the eye. (UPDATE: "more than meets the eye", indeed.)

First, I have to wonder how many cases of Arab nationalist heartburn will be caused by these photos. (And do the Saudis realize how much they're inviting the terrorists to strike them, being photographed buddy-buddy with The Great Satan?)

In more concrete terms, there's this:
Quillnews urges all to take a closer look at the realities that are obscured by the fancy in these snap shots of simple human courtesy. The US, acting virtually on its own initiative with only its closest blood brothers-in-arms as allies, responded to a single attack – Sept 11 – and destroyed the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and changed the on-the-ground behavior of Pakistan, India, Syria, Lebanon, Libya. Bush 43 did this with a working majority of the American electorate, and all the while under relentless attack by his political opponents who, despite all efforts for two years, were unable to shake the American people’s support of the war. Abdullah knows his society has spawned a murderous enemy and ideology that has been growing for years and nurtured by his people and their clerics. Imagine what the American people would do to Abdullah's kingdom if the homeland of the US or its allies were hit a second time!!!
Read the whole thing. Here's another quote, to whet your appetite:
The Saudi’s are masters as duplicity, but check out Bush 43. Sure the guy can be polite and solitious. So what? Bush 43 is at the top of his game; this is a guy who defended his country, redeemed his father and who is with a will, with a faith, with the weapons and the license to get done what he knows the people want. Any many of his countrymen are just beginning to connect the dots about religious freedom. (China take note!) A Yale Bonesman will always show courtesy. That’s basic. Of course Bush 43 would be kind and courtly in public to the elderly man visiting his home who is seeking reassurance that he is moving in the right direction. More important is whether the guest is “on the team.” other words, Bush isn't afraid of appearances. In fact, he's quite famous for doing things that look funny (or stupid, or downright evil) to other people... causing those other people to misunderestimate him.

I suspect he's far more interested in results than in appearances. If his quiet negotiations can get positive results from the Saudis, at the price of some silly photo-ops, more power to him.

On a different front entirely, it looks like we're closing in on Public Enemy #1. (You didn't think we'd forgotten about him, did you?) He recently had a narrow escape from U.S. forces, in which he left his laptop behind. (Bad mistake, dude. BAD mistake.)

Thanks to Citizen SMASH for pointing me in the right direction!


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