Tuesday, January 30, 2007


More Self-Parody: "Poop for Peace"

Every time I get to thinking that, hmm, maybe the American peace movement should be taken more seriously, I come across something like this.

Is this for real, or is this a parody? No, it looks like people are taking it seriously -- here are instructions, from two years ago, for, uh, expressing your desire for world peace.

Personally, it looks to me just like a simplistic perception that War Is Bad, Dude, coupled with a juvenile desire to feel that you're Doing Something About It -- by giving a special name to something you were doing anyway. But I'm just a warmongering neocon Zionist; what do I know? (Answer: I may not know much, but I have enough dignity to keep my excretions private, thanks.)

Hat tip: LGF. (And thanks to my lovely wife for calling it to my attention.)

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