Monday, November 13, 2006


Valour-IT: Thank You!

As of today, Nov. 13 2006, here are the totals from the Valour-IT fundraising drive:

Marines: $51,228 (Way to go, guys!!)
Navy: $47,212 (Congratulations, Smash!)
Army: $46,395 (well, at least we passed the $45K goal)
Air Force: $39,823

Total: $184,658 (with a goal of $180,000 by Veteran's Day)

We made it! Congratulations to the folks at Valour-IT and Soldier's Angels, who will be able to buy a lot of voice-controlled laptops for wounded soldiers with that money.

If any of my readers contributed to those totals, you have my heartfelt thanks -- and the thanks of wounded warriors whose names you may never know, and who will never know yours. But they will know that Americans, whom they swore to defend, care about them and want to help them... and I'm sure that that will mean the world to them.

And what the hey, my team did meet its goal... and managed to beat out the airedales. That's worth something too. (No offense to any Air Force readers, if I have any.)

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