Thursday, November 02, 2006 Sues

As seen on the Popular Mechanics site (hat tip: Instapundit):
Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment ( is suing YouTube (, alleging that the similarity between the companies' Web addresses is wreaking havoc on the tube, pipe and rollform machinery supplier's business. Universal Tube says its average Web traffic of about 1500 users a month has swollen to more than 2 million--paralyzing the site and possibly hindering sales.
Let me see if I get this straight. UTRE is suing YouTube... because YouTube has brought them too much publicity and Web traffic?? Maybe it's just my blogger bias, but isn't getting more attention a good thing, the sort of thing for which people pay big bucks to the advertising companies?

I'm certainly no expert on this sort of thing. But if this were my problem, I think I'd buy some muscular Web servers to handle the larger volume of traffic. (Cheaper than the lawsuit, I'll bet.) Then I'd put up a new front page, saying: "If you're looking for funky home-made videos, it's you want; click here. But as long as you're here, have you seen our great bargains in 3/4" stainless-steel piping?"

Just one man's opinion; your mileage may differ.



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