Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Joe Lieberman in Trouble?

Well, some people say he is:
Joe Lieberman has a new campaign finance problem, a "petty cash" one. We may never know what he bought with nearly $400,000 in petty cash, but it sure purchased increased cynicism in the political process. Some say these are the kinds of problems that occur when an Enron Lobbyist is your former Chief of Staff.
Hmm. So he has money unaccounted for... which, we are expected to assume, was spent illegally and for purposes nefarious and evil.

Yep, Joe Lieberman's in trouble, all right. His former supporters are treating him the way they treat Republicans. (hat tip: Solomonia)

In other news, I'm glad to see that there are some things CNN just won't do --
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Major U.S. news outlets CNN and National Public Radio will not air paid ads or sponsor announcements for a controversial movie depicting the assassination of President George W. Bush, citing the film's content, network spokeswomen said on Tuesday.

The movie, "Death of a President," caused a stir at the Toronto Film Festival in September where it debuted, and two major U.S. theater chains have declined to screen the movie when it debuts in the United States on Friday.

"CNN has decided not to take the ad because of the extreme nature of the movie's subject matter," the cable television network said in a statement.
I'm not sure what led to this decision, but I applaud it.

This is a time for uplifting people, for appealing to our better natures, for encouraging us to find the best parts of ourselves. We need as much of that as we can get; we need to believe in heroes, and to think we can aspire to be like them. Appealing instead to our blood-lust, by portraying the extreme left's fantasy of a President Bush gunned down in cold blood, will do us no good -- and CNN is right to choose not to take part in this. They can find plenty of other advertisers elsewhere.

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