Sunday, October 08, 2006


Cox & Forkum's Holocaust Cartoons

The conservative political cartoonists Cox & Forkum noticed the Iranian Holocaust-denial cartoon contest back in February, and wasted no time drawing their own concept of Holocaust denial:

That cartoon, of course, was rejected by the Iranian contest administrators.

But it turns out that C&F entered a second time -- and this entry was accepted:

As C&F point out, there's more here than meets the eye. Try to figure it out yourself... or click here to read the whole story.

There's also a wealth of links and background, from the Mohammed cartoons -- which, at least in theory, started it all -- to examples of Iranian censorship, demonstrating clearly just how the Iranian regime feels about free speech. As C&F point out, the director of the Iranian contest openly admitted that he would refuse "insulting" cartoons. The cartoon below, however -- by Sriramoju Ganesh of India -- was accepted, so presumably it is not considered "insulting" --

Cox & Forkum's extended entry reprints several more contest finalists. The complete list can be
found here.

My hat's off to C&F for trying!

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