Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Glenn Reynolds on Misbehaving Software

This made me want to stand up and applaud:
Get this straight, content providers: Our computers belong to us. If we're in the mood, we might let you sell us some stuff to run on them. But they don't belong to you, and we're not likely to surrender control over our own bought-and-paid-for hardware, which we often rely on to do our jobs and run our lives, simply in exchange for letting you sell us something. (Honestly, most of what you're selling isn't all that good anyway, and you're lucky that people buy it at all. So don't get greedy. And while click-through license agreements may make it legal, they won't make you any more popular.)
Amen! (Isn't it interesting how easily we forget this? We don't owe anybody a debt to pay them money for a product... and if the product simply isn't good enough, we can simply walk away. Sooner or later, there will always be a competitor more hungry for my business, and more willing to give me what I want to get that business.)



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