Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Latest on the Ambulance

Zombie of has it all, from beginning to end.

Not much for me to add, really, other than to say: some people seem determined to show Israel in as negative a light as possible, with whatever lies they think will be convincing. (Remember Mohammed al-Dura? Remember Jenin?)

What's strange about it is the sense of projection. Israel is castigated in the media for a single event -- an event which, even if it were true, is less serious than what Israel's enemies do all the time.

Certainly, an attack on a Red Cross ambulance is extremely serious -- if it happened. But the terrorists Israel fights routinely use ambulances as cover... putting Israel in the impossible situation of having to stop ambulances at roadblocks, never knowing if the passengers are wounded patients or armed terrorists.

The cynicism of accusing Israel of attacking an ambulance, by the very people who have for years been using ambulances as getaway vehicles, is breathtaking.

By the way, check out some of Zombie's other work. Her piece on Reuters photo fraud, a.k.a. "fauxtography", is well worth your time. And her "Anatomy of a Photograph" is a classic.

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