Sunday, September 03, 2006


So Who's Shooting At Kids Now?

According to AP, Palestinian gunmen, trying to enforce a teacher's strike, opened fire to keep kids away from school... and hit a 12-year-old boy in the abdomen. (Hat tip: LGF.)

Think about that for a moment. No terrorist organization is, so far as I know, openly taking credit for this, as is customary (for them). The masked gunmen were not Hamas; they were not Fatah; they were not al-Aqsa. They were representatives of the teacher's union, and they fired live ammunition to prevent children from going to school.

How many children, do you think, will now be terrified of going to school, because another teacher's strike might kill them?

Consider this a demonstration, as though yet another one were needed, of the state of utter lawlessness in the Palestinian territories today. (This wasn't in Gaza, by the way -- it was in Nablus, in the West Bank, the Biblical town of Shechem.) Power is held, not by any governing authority, but by the terrorist organizations -- except that being loyal to one won't necessarily protect you from the rest. So it's everyone for themselves; hire yourself a team of armed bodyguards, and protect yourself as best you can.

As I've said before, what sort of independent state do the Palestinians expect to have, assuming they can earn one? Well, the Palestinian Authority uses terror as its primary tool of diplomacy -- if we can call it that -- thereby setting the example for everyone else. We've already seen policemen bursting into the Palestinian parliament, protesting their wages... and now we've seen striking grade-school teachers, who hire gunmen that shoot at the teachers' own students for daring to come to school.

I hardly need point out that reactions would be very different, if Israeli gunmen were accused of shooting a Palestinian boy -- even if they didn't actually do it.



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