Thursday, January 12, 2006


Power Line: Just Keep Scrolling

When I started reading Powerline today, I kept my eyes open for interesting subjects, as I often do. I found myself quickly running out of fingers.

There's this, for example: a former law clerk for Judge Alito, arguing firmly for Alito's character and impartiality as a judge, and why the Democrat smear tactics are a big mistake. And she argues this as a Democrat and self-described progressive.

Or this, a reprint from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a question Alito should be asked. Fascinating and very important, and too long neglected.

Or this, on a story that points up exactly why President Bush wanted NSA phone taps in the first place... and why a major success of that principle is being ignored by the American press, even though it got page-one coverage in Europe.

As a bonus, the same link offers clips from a recent town-hall meeting President Bush held in Louisville, Kentucky. It's great -- including an important question from a seven-year-old -- but the part that left a lasting impression for me was this:
And so we took action. We took action because the Taliban refused to expel al Qaeda. And we took action because when an American President says something, he better mean it. In order to be able to keep the peace, in order to be able to have credibility in this world, when we speak, we better mean what we say. And I meant what we said. And we sent some brave souls into Afghanistan to liberate that country from the Taliban.
A President with character. Sometimes I don't think we recognize how lucky we are.

By all means, pay Power Line a visit -- and just keep scrolling!


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