Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Four By Four

Seawitch has
tagged me. Okay, I'll bite...

1. Four jobs I've had in my life: computer repairman, traffic cop, typing tutor, help-desk phone guy. (That last was a hoot. I was working a temp job for DEC, answering phones for their internal teaching programs. They set up a call center; I was one of four people set up to answer the phone in rotation; but we got, at most, ten calls per day. We spent most of our time playing FreeCell. I tell you, it was embarrassing; I was taking home $15/hour to play FreeCell!)

2. Four movies I could watch over and over (you're kidding me -- only four?!?): The Rookie, Victor/Victoria, Star Trek: First Contact, and Tomorrow Never Dies. My choices were in some ways arbitrary; I've got plenty more favorites than that. (Heck, I've got more categories from which to pick favorites than that.) But all four are movies that I have watched, over and over. Some favorites that almost made the short-list: The Count of Monte Cristo, Singin' In The Rain, Hopscotch, and Midnight Run.

3. Four places I've lived: Poughkeepsie NY, Sharon MA, Louisa VA, and Jerusalem, Israel. (Go ahead, tell me you've so much as heard of Louisa VA. I see they have a Website now and everything... but when I lived there, it was a county of 17,000 people with one traffic light. I'm not kidding. We used to give directions: "go through the center of town, then turn left at the traffic light. -- Which one? Don't worry, you'll know it when you see it.")

4. Four TV shows I love to watch: believe it or not, we don't have cable TV at home; my wife and I both believe the girls are better off that way. (Don't worry, they can watch TV at their grandparents' place... and they do. Oh boy, they do.) So I'll list some old TV shows I've loved: Chicago Hope (always liked it better than ER); The A-Team (pleasure without guilt, like Pepperidge Farm cookies -- nobody ever gets hurt!); M*A*S*H (no explanations necessary); and Hunter (I used to be a cop; see above).

5. Four websites I visit daily: Instapundit (well, of course); Citizen Smash; Roger L. Simon; and Day By Day.

6. Four of my favorite foods: vanilla malts, chicken schnitzel, steak tips, and Krembos. (That last is an inside joke for the Israelis in the room. Think of it as what a Mallomar wants to be when it grows up.)

7. Four places I'd rather be: Jerusalem for sure. Broadway. The Sistine Chapel. And just about any large library, with food nearby and all the time in the world.

8. Four albums I can't live without: The Best of Billy Joel, Channi Livne's "Vocaliza" (including two different tracks from my wedding!), the Vocal Majority's "The Music Never Ends", and Sean Altman's alt.mania. (Shameless plug alert! -- in December 2004, Sean became my brother-in-law. For all his hard-rocker persona, he's one heck of a sweet guy. Not all his music is to my taste, but I like this album a lot.)

Okay, time to tag four other hapless victims! Have fun, Sol and Gloria and Rich and Phil...

UPDATE: Hmm, my lists don't have much in common with theirs -- but Gloria, Rich, and Phil all seem to share my delight in a juicy steak. (And, when he gets around to his answers, I suspect that Sol will too.)

I knew I picked the right people!


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