Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Downtime Warning

Sorry for the downtime, folks! I've had several other things on my plate recently, and as a result I've had less bandwidth for meaningful writing.

My posting may be sparse for a while yet; I apologize, in advance, to both of you.

In the meantime, I got a nice hat tip and a link from a blog I hadn't heard of before -- Camp Katrina, a (mostly) conservative blog about the good work American troops are doing, at home and abroad. (As they say: "Proving that the United States military does much more than just kill people and break things".) Check 'em out; they have some good stuff. For example:
So let me get this straight: it's perfectly alright for the music recording industry to peek inside a computer without a warrant to look for downloaded songs, but it's a federal crime for President Bush to monitor phone calls to try to save American lives?

Maybe the RIAA can protect us from the terrorists, too.
There's also a mini-profile of one of the new breed of Iraqi officers, and much more.

Besides, the guy running the show over there is a hunk. Ladies, beware!

(Update: be that as it may, I'm not sure about the guy's eyesight; he links to this blog... under Fembloggers. Well, that's a first for me.)


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