Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year!

...or Happy Sylvester, as we used to say in Israel. (Why a secular holiday would be named after a lisping cat never made sense to me.)

We can hope, as we tend to do, that 2006 will be better for us all than 2005 was. (Smash has his own take on that.) Personally, my first New Year's resolution is to try a new blog picture. (Not very ambitious, I grant you. But hey, I've already done something about it -- unlike some people I could mention...)

Lots of stuff going on at my end, from my first wedding anniversary to a joyous Chanukah with my wife and stepdaughters; from ramping-up ambitions for my barbershop quartet to some much-needed rest at home... and a funky puncture wound and hairline fracture above my right ankle, just for variety. None of that is blog-worthy, I'm afraid. Nonetheless, please stay tuned -- both of you -- for further stuff from me... and many thanks for your patience!

If you're curious as to what I've been reading lately, this and this and
this were interesting and thought-provoking to me, among many other things. I'll be blogging about them, or about issues like them, when I have something original to add to the discussion. Stay tuned.


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