Friday, June 24, 2005


Brief Hiatus

Apologies to both of my regular readers... I won't be posting anything of substance today. I'm not feeling particularly well, I haven't really caught up on the news, and I'd rather not write if I don't have anything to say. (Except for this paragraph, of course.)

In the meantime, this caught my eye. Glenn Reynolds thinks that Karl Rove is leading the loudest voices of the Democratic Party to their doom; I'm inclined to agree. (Ever been in a situation where you know that your words are hurting your own cause, but you just can't bring yourself to shut up? Sounds like one of those.)

Have a good weekend. I'll be heading off tomorrow for a quartet gig, our first paid performance; if you feel like heading over to and signing our guest book, please feel free to do so.
-- DiB


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