Thursday, June 23, 2005


Who said this?

An interesting quote:
What have the Arabs given [Saudi Arabia] in comparison to what [Saudi Arabia] has gained from our relations with America?...
This is from an article in Saudi Arabia's Arab News entitled "Thank You, America".

The article goes on to say:
We must admit that our relations with America were the cornerstone for our development and progress. In return, we must ask what we have gained from our relations with the Arab world. Speaking frankly and unequivocally, all we got from them was trouble. Our brothers, as they call themselves, conspired against us, attacked us and used all the means at their disposal to derail our plans for unity.
Of course, this is a nice sentiment to offer on the eve of a visit by the U.S. Secretary of State (in Saudi's English-language newspaper, of course). It was only two weeks ago that Saudi TV broadcast that "The Vatican's Mission of Destroying Islam was Delegated to the U.S. – Which Carried Out 9/11 on Assignment by the World Council of Churches". (Link here, with thanks to

Who was it that said "Trust, but verify"? In this case, enjoy what people say about you in your own language -- but listen to what they say in their language, too.


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