Friday, February 04, 2005


What Part Of "Move On" Don't You Understand?

Just yesterday, driving to work, I saw two of these incredible bumper stickers:

It's amazing enough that, even after the first free democratic elections in an Arab country in history, someone still has the gall to say "nothing accomplished". A tyranny is replaced outright by a popularly-elected assembly; amid death threats and very real fears of terrorism, Iraqis go to the polls in higher percentages than Americans do. People who, only a few short years ago, could not speak out in public for fear of their lives, now proudly wave their ink-stained fingers.

But even more amazingly, the organization printing these ridiculous bumper stickers has the temerity to call itself "move on"??

If I had one of those stickers on my car, I'd like to think that I'd have had the honesty to scrape it off on January 30th, 2005.

I'm still seeing a fair number of these as well:


UPDATE: I was not able to determine if (or their sister organization, is still selling these stickers. On the other hand, I have to give them credit for linking to, an organization that helps soldiers fly home by helping you donate your frequent-flier miles to them. Thanks!!

UPDATE II: Today, Feb. 8th 2005, I saw a new wrinkle:

This, on a Nissan Pathfinder festooned with Marine Corps insignia (and a yellow "support the troops" ribbon). No doubt there's an interesting story there.

UPDATE III: And now there's this:

"Support Our Troops", indeed. The fact that they also sport a design featuring a peace sign (also known to some by other names) explains a lot. They're not supporting 'their' troops, they're promoting peace... and defining 'peace' as 'the absence of American troops on foreign soil'.

(Peace is, of course, an admirable abstraction. But peace, like nearly anything else, can come at too high a price. These folks are advocating the sort of peace that Neville Chamberlain would have understood.)

Personally, I'd much rather support the troops by making sure they get a chance to finish the job they started! In fact, I think I'll make my own bumper sticker with that in mind:


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