Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Iraqi Elections

Because a blogger I respect and trust asked me to, I'm adding a new link to the blogroll. If you haven't already checked out Friends of Democracy, please do so -- they'll be covering the Iraqi elections, on site, before and after.

I have a lot of hope for these elections. Will the Iraqis, given breathing room by Coalition forces, be able to re-assert control over themselves and their country? Moreover, will they establish a national framework that remains stable, even through changes of government and a power-shift to the opposition?

Some people argue vehemently that the Iraqis can't do it. Well, we won't know unless they try. And please keep in mind that they have a strong role model in the United States, showing them that it can be done. They also have a powerful incentive to make it work... because they all remember what life under tyranny was like.

I think they can do it, and I'll be cheering for them. And I'll be reading about it at Friends of Democracy. See you there.

-- Daniel in Brookline


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