Wednesday, January 12, 2005


A Kind Word for a Kind Deed

As a new blogger, I have a lot to learn... and quite a few baby steps that I haven't taken yet. I'm still learning how to use Technorati to see who has linked to me, for example... and today I find, to my surprise, that I've been linked for the first time. (Thanks, David!!) Technorati also tells me that I've been blogrolled by three other blogs to date -- the one that linked to me, one I knew about, and one I didn't.

Well, it seems only fair... if they found time to link to me, the least I can do is to return the favor. (If this site ever expands beyond its current single-digit readership, I'll have to rethink that policy. Then again, long blogrolls might not be so bad; The Blogfather lists over 230 links in his "Pure Blogs" list alone.)

In the meantime, thanks again to Scott, Rich, and David! Thanks also to Daniel T., who told me about my first link and congratulated me for it... and who, as my long-suffering officemate, hears a lot of my blog topics in first-draft form. (He also shoots down most of my sillier ideas, for which I -- and you -- can be grateful.)

Daniel in Brookline


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