Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Norman Podhoretz on World War IV

Thanks to Roger Simon, I just found this gem of an essay, examining the reasons why many believe the Bush Doctrine will evaporate in the President's second term. (He then repudiates those reasons, and does a fine job of it.) His earlier essay, on the origins of the Bush Doctrine, is also a must-read.



I was delighted to discover a day or two ago that you have your own blog. This is my first visit today. I shall come often and hopefully swell the ranks of your readership to a double digit number.

Congratulations on your recent nuptials. May you and your bride live long and love well.

Jane m
Thanks, Jane! Welcome to my site. I hope the content interests you, at least as much as our back-and-forth discussions over at Smash's Place interest me.

Be well, and please do stay in touch!

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