Monday, January 31, 2005


New Additions

I just added Little Green Footballs to the roll -- something I should have done a while back. Charles Johnson does a great job, amid harsh adversity I can scarcely imagine. I don't read his stuff often, and there's a fair bit going on there I don't agree with. His commenters sometimes repel me. But there's enough of significant value there, not found anywhere else, to keep bringing me back.

This grisly slideshow, for example, titled "Palestinian Child Abuse". (When you see photographs of young children -- and toddlers -- posed with automatic rifles and suicide belts, what else can you call it? My hat's off to Mr. Johnson for calling it by name.)

Then again, where else would I find this gem, in which we learn that prostitution is legal employment in Germany... to the point that a woman on welfare, who refused a job offer* at a brothel, now risks getting her unemployment benefits cut? (Imagine: a woman being forced to work in the sex industry, by the German government. Didn't they do that in WWII as well?)

Daniel in Brookline

* No, I'm not going to call it a "job opening"...

UPDATE: My officemate tells me that this story has now been debunked. I'll post a link when I find it; right now, all I can find are links that corroborate the story, such as this one from the Washington Times. is on the case, but at press time they list its status as "undetermined". -DiB

UPDATE II: Snopes has now debunked the story. Click the link above for details.

UPDATE III: Another addition to the blogroll that's taken too long. A recent Kim du Toit posting reminded me of the delightful nastiness that is Emperor Misha... and so in he goes.


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