Tuesday, November 02, 2004


"You Bet We Might Have!"

I wasn't intending to post more election-related material today, but this piece by Jonah Goldberg was too good to keep to myself. (Hat tip: Pick & Choose.)

For example:

Let's make this simple. John Kerry is the candidate for those who wish we hadn't gone to war in Iraq. But John Kerry can't admit that, even though everyone knows it is true.

Kerry has been at such pains to keep this basic point as fuzzy as possible because an honestly antiwar candidate couldn't win the presidency in 2004. Sometimes he offers arcane explanations containing paragraphs like Rube Goldberg contraptions. Sometimes he speaks in a unique Kerry grammar one could call the future-past perfect. When asked if we were right to invade Iraq, he has responded that it depends on what happens in the future. And other times he's said we were right. And other times he's said we were wrong.

But my favorite response was when he was asked if we'd have gone to war with Iraq if he'd been president, and he shot back confidently, "You bet we might have."
There's more, including one of the better metaphors-for-why-invading-Iraq-was-a-good-idea-after-all that I've seen lately. (I tend to keep a stock of such metaphors around; they come in handy when speaking to Kerry supporters.)

Please read the whole thing.

Daniel in Brookline


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