Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Rallying Behind the President

Just for the record (on the off-chance that anyone is listening), I have taken Dean Esmay's pledge. (Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for pointing me to it.)

In my own words: I did not support Senator John F. Kerry for President, and I don't approve of a lot of what he's said he's going to do. But if he's elected fair and square, he will be my President, and I will accept that without flinching. I may not like him, but if he's elected, I will respect him.

Does the same apply in reverse? It depends, I guess. During a tepid political discussion at work the other day, I promised a Kerry supporter that, in the case of a Bush victory, I would not gloat... if he would promise not to gloat in the case of a Kerry victory. To my bemusement, he insisted on reserving the right to gloat.

So, if Bush wins (as I expect he will), shall I find my colleague and say neener, neener, neener? Actually, I won't -- the guy took a day off work, travelled over a thousand miles (Massachusetts to Florida!) on his own dime, and today he's helping transport people to the polls. I don't agree with him, but hey, he puts his money (and his hard work) where his mouth is, and I respect that.

Daniel in Brookline


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