Tuesday, June 27, 2006


When Moonbats Swarm

Thanks to a commenter at Roger Simon's site, I found myself visiting http://www.murthalied.com. (Warning: explicit and profane content.)

Let me state, for the record, that I went there because I was curious. I don't believe I had any serious preconceptions as to what I would find there.

What I did find was a nasty story. Amanda Doss, a professional Web designer, who has produced Web sites for Democrats and Republicans alike, purchased the domain murthalied.com -- for purposes we do not yet know -- and, before any content was posted on the site, or any use made of the domain name, the hate e-mail began.

Still before any content was posted, her name, street address, client list, and much more were published by lefty blogs, frothing at the mouth over what they expected she was about to publish. (For examples, start here. Democratic Underground gleefully jumps into the fray here. And here Ms. Doss gets smeared at Democrats.com!)

As of today, 27 June, murthalied.com contains only reprints of some of the hate e-mail Ms. Doss has received for her ownership of the name. So we still do not know what she originally intended to do with the site; she has used it, instead, to illustrate just how nasty and petty people can be.

Ms. Doss claims that she has not received hate e-mail for the Democrat/progressive web sites she's designed. This does not seem to be the case for the other side of the aisle.

UPDATE: As of Monday, June 3rd 2006, I cannot get to www.murthalied.com. The domain ownership seems to have reverted back to Network Solutions, a domain reseller. Google's cache of the site shows content from bootmurtha.com, a site that is up and running, not the content that I remember.

My curiosity is piqued; I'll keep trying.

I note, however, that www.murthalied.net is in use -- by someone who claims that "John Murtha doesn't lie", but does not advance any arguments to make the case.


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