Monday, June 19, 2006


Bill Whittle's Got A New One

Shorter than usual, actually -- it seems that this is the introduction of his new book! (I can't wait.)

'Scuse me, folks, I'm off to do some reading.

hat tip: Blackfive.

Adendum: there's another blogger that I sometimes think of in the same context as Bill Whittle; and that's Jeff Harrell. His posts can be disjointed, seemingly meaningless; but the very next post can be so firmly on-target and on-message, so well-written and full of meaning, that I keep coming back for more. (Bill combines it all in every essay; Jeff seemingly prefers to alternate. The result is the same; I'm drawn to the site to read more.)

This post of Jeff's is a good example. Much as I dislike (and disagree with) the position of U.S. legislators who demand that we withdraw all troops from Iraq right now, Jeff reminds me why they, too, serve an important role -- and why their opinions are important, even if we're sure that they're wrong. (Because, as my mother used to say, you need the extremes to determine where the center is.)

If you haven't checked Jeff out lately, do so. It's worth the trip.


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