Tuesday, June 06, 2006


No Minced Words

Oh, my!
Welcome to the only thing sleazier than overbilling lawyers, overprescribing doctors shilling for pharamaceutical companies, greedy corporate executives, and used car salesmen: the American Journalist. Flawed and crooked and self-centered as the rest of us, but riding around on a high horse, pointing out everyone else's sins, but ignoring their own. This is the last great industry-wide scandal left uncovered in America. Because of course, they'd have to cover it themselves. And none of them have the bravery to take their own inventory, to list their own pathologically self-centered faults. They'd rather just go after yours, mine and those who disagree with them politically.
I think I'm gonna have to go back and check in on Mr. Dollard from time to time...

(His prose is flawed and a bit obscene in places. But you know, he's there... which doesn't mean he's right, but which certainly gets my attention.)

Hat tip: Roger Simon.)


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