Thursday, May 18, 2006


Books for the Troops

Greeting to both of my regular readers (and any lurkers)...

I have long felt that our troops in the field could benefit from some books, magazines, etc. that do not undermine the work they're doing. This Power Line entry confirms my feelings:
Sergeant David Thul writes that he is serving with the Minnesota National Guard in Iraq. He asks a simple favor. If you have conservative books or magazines sitting around the house that you'd be willing to part with, he asks that you send them to him for his unit in Iraq. He says that the unit is short of reading material -- he read Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring about three months ago and it is still being passed around and read again. He says that books and magazines can be sent directly to the USO or to him:
SGT Dave Thul
Weapons Company 1-133
Now, as it happens, I know of a conservative writer -- I find his stuff very inspirational -- who is willing to send his books to the troops in large numbers. But I need some addresses; preferably places where our troops are stationed, where a box of books can be handled. (Some organizations will only take a book or two at a time; I'd rather streamline this if possible.)

If you have addresses of soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines that would like some inspirational conservative reading, please let me know in the comments to this post.

Many thanks!


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