Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Another Side of the IDF

Rachel Papo
, an American who served in the Israeli Air Force, was recently inspired to photograph Israeli women soldiers. She captured a wide variety of moods and settings, in a remarkable collection of photos.

I'm sorely tempted to post some of them... but she has politely requested that her copyright be respected, and I'll honor that. Instead, let me link to some of my favorites:

- Israeli recruits are taught to take their rifles with them everywhere.

- Anyone who's been through Basic Training will recognize this.

- A corporal's barracks room, complete with movie posters on the wall.

- Getting ready for a route march, it seems.

- Taking a moment to rest.

- Letting their hair down...

- Group shot -- the drill-instructor corporals at a training base, by the looks of it!

- A memorable face.

When you read about Israeli soldiers (and their supposed inhumanity), that includes these young women too. Please keep it in mind.



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