Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Inside Terrorism

Artist Diane Covert has found a new way to look at terrorism -- a way that shows us graphically what barbarity the terrorists perpetrate, and how it affects their victims... including the survivors.

She has collected x-ray images, from two of Jerusalem's largest hospitals, of the shrapnel embedded inside victims from suicide bombers. Remember, these bombs are often deliberately packed with nails and other sharp objects, which are soaked in rat poison to keep wounds from healing. The result -- haunting images such as this:

"a very sick child"
Copyright © 2006 Diane Covert

or this:

"nail in neck"
Copyright © 2006 Diane Covert

The one that really disturbs me, though, is the one with the following caption:
I was in college then, riding the bus to campus.

When he exploded, his watch blasted into my neck.

I cannot do better than to quote the artist herself:
Civilized people everywhere must condemn terrorism. We must speak in one voice. There is no excuse for terrorism - ever.

Thanks to Sol for pointing me to this.


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