Sunday, January 22, 2006


Wear a T-Shirt -- Support a Terrorist

With thanks to Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, and Free Thoughts, we can now bring you the latest fashions for terrorist supporters!

FIGHTERS+LOVERS brings you this outrageously stylish FARC
T-shirt, for the youth that dares to look cool and stand up for freedom!

FIGHTERS+LOVERS brings you this outrageously stylish PFLP
T-shirt, for the youth that dares to look cool and stand up for freedom!

For the record: these folks believe in their drivel fervently enough that they're dangerous -- just a little bit. From their "About Us" page:
Fighters+Lovers is a private enterprise dedicated to the cause of freedom and hard-rocking streetwear. Communication is key to any change. 5 euros of the price you pay for our products at an authorized dealer's are sent straight to Palestine or Colombia, where your money is paying for new equipment for radio stations and graphics workshops run by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). This is our tribute to these freedom fighters.
Dear God in Heaven. They honestly believe that their donations will pay for "radio stations and graphics workshops"... and their T-shirts feature Kalashnikovs. (They even celebrate the image of the "classic stylish coolness" of Leila Khaled.) Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

For the record, the PFLP is a socialist terror organization... which seems to have been chosen by these nut-balls largely because, as socialists, they are secular:
PFLP is the brave exception in a region haunted by religious intolerance and fanatism. Staunchly secular, PFLP fights for a free Palestine where Jews, Moslems and Christians may live and prosper in peace.
Yes, they are a secular organization; the rest is utter nonsense. The PFLP are as intolerant as they come, advocating the destruction of Israel as a matter of course (and the overthrow of Jordan for good measure). They have never signed on to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, such as it is; only recently, with the ascendance of Hamas threatening to make PFLP irrelevant, have they softened that position a little.

Nonetheless, they are an organization founded on the principle of killing people. It was they that started the practice of skyjacking, in July 1968; it was they that hijacked Air France 139 to Uganda in 1976, prompting the famous Israeli Entebbe rescue. It was they that assassinated Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi in October 2001. They have the blood of hundreds of innocent Israelis on their hands.

And these are the murderous bastards that we should support... by wearing T-shirts?

The price, by the way, is 23 Euros... which, at today's rates, comes out to almost $28. Save your money, folks.

UPDATE: Woland asks, in the comments, if al-Qaeda T-shirts are also available. A quick Google search found them at

Are there any Arabic readers in the house, who can confirm that this says what I think it says? (Later: Sam the Sandmonkey and Emmanuel Ben-Zion confirm. Still later -- as of February 2, these products are no longer available at CafePress... but it seems they did archive the images. Interesting. I think I'll keep some local copies, just in case the al-Qaeda dog and al-Qaeda teddy bear ever mysteriously vanish.)

has a few words to say as well, including an answer for those who say "but we're only financing graphics workshops".

I'd use this as an opportunity to recommend the fine folks at Infidel Apparel... but the URL doesn't seem to be working right now. What a shame.


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