Sunday, February 05, 2006


Scary Hillary

Thanks to Instapundit and Doc Searls, I found this gem on Yahoo News:

Don't forget to vote in 2008, folks.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering about the linked photo of President Bush, it was this:

Wow. In these Yahoo photos, President Bush looks good... particularly compared to the Junior Senator from New York.

You know, I've been hearing people (some people in particular, actually) scream about a "vast right-wing conspiracy" in the news media for a long time now... but this is the closest I've seen yet to having actual evidence for it. I must remember to check Yahoo News again soon, to see if they balance this out!

UPDATE: On a more substantive note, John Hinderaker of Powerline notes that, as much as Democrats have lately been crowing about President Bush's low popularity numbers (which actually aren't that bad, given that he'll never be allowed to run for President again), Hillary Clinton's numbers are even worse:
Hillary Clinton [...] scores only a 38% favorable rating in the latest Rasmussen poll. 47% view her unfavorably. Further, only 27% say they will definitely vote for Hillary if she runs in '08, while 43% say "no way."

As I recall, 43% is right around where John Kerry's "unfavorable" rating wound up on Election Day, so Hillary starts out viewed with the same level of suspicion that it took an entire Presidential campaign for Kerry to achieve. I also think that some of the people who say they would consider voting for Hillary will think twice when it sinks in that this means returning Bill Clinton to the White House in some undefined "first husband" role--a thought that should make just about everyone queasy.

Many have speculated on why Bill and Hillary remain married. Personally, I think that he stays with her primarily for this reason -- she can get him back into the White House, and she's the only one with any chance of doing so.

Bill Clinton, with all the power of the White House at his fingertips, but none of the responsibility of the Presidency? Now that's scary. (And heck, I say that as someone who voted for him... twice.)


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