Monday, September 26, 2005


Palestinians in San Diego

...or their useful idiots, at any rate...

There was a "massive" anti-everything demonstration in San Diego on Saturday, and Citizen Smash was there:

At the risk of stating the obvious: a word to the wise, angry demonstrators. Haranguing Jewish spectators, while waving a Palestinian flag, and simultaneously displaying the swastika -- this is not a good idea!

(The best you could hope for, if you're caught doing something that stupid, is that you won't be taken seriously. From the looks of it, and the way Smash describes it, the San Diego demonstrators have achieved that.)

On the other hand, the more massive (and equally confused) demostration in Washington DC (also on Saturday) was countered by a pro-America, pro-troops rally the following day. Jeff's Blog was there, and also took pictures:

Jeff describes the participants as "Parents, kids, veterans. Normal, well groomed everyday folks and a stark contrast to the unwashed leftist-marxists who visited our fair city the day before." Indeed.

Oh, and if you're a fan of the Protest Babes theory of political demonstrations -- as explained most succinctly here -- have a look at these pictures:

Be honest, now: which demonstration looks like more fun to you?

UPDATE: More protest-babe photos here and here, courtesy of the Instapundit. And Holly Aho has a great idea for the pro-America protest babes!


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