Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A Long-Overdue Linking

Due to my own mistake (and carelessness), I haven't been keeping track of e-mail sent to me here. I extend my most humble apologies to anybody that's gotten upset at not having heard back from me.

In particular, Phil linked to me a while back. Since I didn't send him a private "thank you" at the time, the least I can do is to offer a public one now.

More to the point, Phil has some great things to say; so let's get him on the blogroll, effective immediately. If you haven't read his work before, this, his most recent one, has a lot to offer. (There's some great stuff here as well, including some interesting First Amendment thoughts. Besides, how can I object to a man who likes Gordon Lightfoot?)

To Phil: many thanks! To the rest of my readers (yes, both of you): if you haven't written to me yet, please go ahead and do so. Feedback is great, and I don't get much of it.

...and yes, I do promise to pay careful attention, from here on out, to the feedback I do get.

shamefacedly yours,


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