Monday, August 15, 2005


Sha'aria Swimsuits?

Just when I thought I'd seen everything... now we have Islamic swimsuits for women:

I don't know, honey, that swimsuit looks awfully immodest to me. (She's got cute feet, doesn't she?)

In all fairness, the same company does have "short" women's swimsuits too (meaning that knees and calves can be seen). But to that, one must contrast the giggle factor of "swimsuit with turban". (In fact, not a single swimsuit on display admits that women's heads have hair.)

The men's suits are modest by American standards too; they look like shorts cut just above the knees. But considerably more skin shows, in addition to the uncovered head.

I dunno. Can you just imagine doing a lengthy breast stroke in this? (Or are Saudi women even permitted to do the breast stroke? Maybe they have another name for it.)

Thanks to Roger Simon for the fashion show!

UPDATE: As my wife points out, these sorts of "fashions" are by no means limited to Muslims; orthodox Jews and Christians have their own styles. Check this out, for example. (My wife says that's rather worse than the examples above. I report, you decide!)


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