Monday, August 15, 2005


Yon Does It Again

My hat's off to the incredible reporter (and storyteller, and warrior) that is Michael Yon. He has a new dispatch out, on IEDs and the finding of them.

It's a must-read, for anyone who wants a better picture of what American troops are doing in Iraq -- and how they feel about what they're doing.

Mr. Yon's descriptions range from the exhilirating to the bone-chilling, sometimes in the same sentence. For example, he describes in detail an IED, which had been intended to kill him and the patrol he was with, and shows a close-up photo of the wired-up walkie-talkie that was supposed to set it off. Then, quoting the terrorist, he says simply:
When you press 7, the bomb explodes.
The bomb in question, it turns out, was buried underground, and when it went off, it made a crater eight feet in diameter. Yon & Co. were seconds away from driving over it when troopers saw the terrorist twitch, understood what it meant, and took proper action.

We do not credit our military enough!


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