Monday, August 29, 2005


Movin' On Up

Hey, I seem to be moving up in the rankings! The TTLB Ecosystem lists me as ranked #9967 (up quite a bit since last week), which entitles me to call myself a Slithering Reptile. (That's better than a Crawly Amphibian or a Flippery Fish any day.)

So, in N.Z. Bear's logarithmic rating system, I have seven levels above me and eight below... and I'm ranked number 9967 out of over 35,000. Cool.

On the other hand, to graduate to the next level and become a Flappy Bird, I'd need links from 9 to 10 other sources... so there's a way to go yet.

Anyway. Thanks to the people who have linked to me! (If you have and I haven't credited you yet, please do let me know and I'll remedy that.)

And thanks again, as always, to both of my regular readers. I couldn't do it without you.


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