Sunday, August 28, 2005


Just In Case There Were Any Doubts...

...there's this: Hamas Terror Chief Calls To Eradicate Israel

As I said earlier, one of the biggest bonanzas of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza -- for those who pay close attention to what people think, rather than what people do -- is that, in the triumphant pronouncements from the Palestinians, we can hear clearly what they truly want.

If you didn't believe it before, believe it now. Abbas is not saying it outright, but he is openly supporting those who do. When they say that they want Israel to evacuate "occupied territories", they don't mean just the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. They want Tel Aviv, and Haifa, and Netanya, which were never "occupied", and were never a subject for negotiation.

They want it all. They want Israel to cease to exist... so that they can triumphantly set up the most blatant terrorist regime the world has ever seen.

Please remember: Israel has never threatened the Palestinians with genocide. An Israeli political party, twenty years ago, advocated "transfer" -- the forcible relocation of Palestinians outside the country -- and Israel's Knesset promptly labelled that party as racist, and made it illegal. Israel has now made it clear that, in order to cure the violence, she prefers to "transfer" her own people, rather than the Palestinians.

The Palestinians, by contrast, have never demonstrated their willingness to give up anything for peace. Not one thing.

Please remember this, next time you hear an American diplomat -- or State Department undersecretary -- call for Israeli "restraint", or the need for Israel to make more "confidence-building gestures".

UPDATE: Right on schedule, the Palestinians send Israel another suicide bomber -- and only through extraordinary vigilance is a major disaster averted.

Just imagine for a moment, if you can, what a day's work must be like for an Israeli "security guard". They must be on the watch, at all times, for the suicide bombers -- and if they see a possible suicide bomber, they must arrest him (or her) before the bomb goes off. In fact, they must get the bomber away from crowds of people by putting themselves between the bomber and the crowds. That's exactly what happened in this case. One security guard was seriously injured, and another was critically injured. As the first paramedic to the scene commented: "I found two security guards who sustained serious injuries... they prevented a disaster with their bodies."

(And you thought you had a hard job...)

As Meryl Yourish points out, the injured guards are Lawi Abu-Jama'a and Pavel Srotzkin, and they are heroes. The former is an Israeli Bedouin Arab. The latter, I suspect, is a recent Russian immigrant, but his family has requested that their privacy be respected, and I shall. Mr. Srotzkin is the one who is critically injured; if you can spare the time, please pray for him.

Here's what the Jerusalem Post had to say on the subject. Please do check it out.

Neo-neocon had more to say, and was quite eloquent about it.

UPDATE II: Cox & Forkum saw the same article I did, and had a similar take on it, expressed in their own inimitable style:


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