Thursday, May 26, 2005


"We do not take sides..."

Yes, I know, this has been all over the blogosphere. But Rick Adams has put it in better perspective:

Click here to see the original cover (in the original Japanese), along with more of Rick's translations. In particular, he quotes the magazine as follows:
However, we do not take sides, but only analyze the meaning of events from various viewpoints.
That's a "viewpoint", all right. (If I said that the editorial board of Newsweek was a collection of slimy bloodsucking parasites, no doubt that would be a "viewpoint" as well. However, I think mine has more validity than theirs.)
What have Americans lost due to the Bush administration in the last four years, and what will the world lose in the next four years? Verified facts, not opinions from any viewpoint, are laid forth in the special report in this issue.
"The ideal of freedom is dashed to the ground"... that's a "verified fact", according to Newsweek?

If I'd ever been inclined to buy Newsweek again, after their Koran-flushing debacle, I'm not now.


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