Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A Beautiful Turn Of Phrase

A number of interesting articles have been posted in re the much-maligned and heavily-underestimated Sarah Palin -- who was in the news recently for lambasting ObamaCare's prospective "death panels". This caused widespread condemnation, up to and including President Obama himself, who went out of his way to ridicule the idea that the government "would pull the plug on Grandma". (We also saw that unreasoning opposition to Mrs. Palin is by no means confined to Democrats.)

As several people are pointing out, however, there was reason to think that ObamaCare would eventually dictate which life-prolonging treatments to approve and which to deny, including a carefully-worded statement from the President. Calling such a scheme "death panels" might be harsh, but it's not necessarily inaccurate... and it got the discussion started, with a vengeance.

And she got results, didn't she? The bill is being amended to make the point clear that "death panels" are not desirable.

But my hat's off to Moe Lane, who frames the issue concisely and accurately:
I can't spare this woman. She fights.
She does indeed... and the battles she picks are worth fighting.

Even better: she apparently caused this furor, and got these results, with one Facebook posting! As economy of effort goes, that's impressive. (Her followup Facebook postings are impressive too; have a look.)

Love her or hate her, or anything in between, Sarah Palin is worth watching -- because she's proven she can shape the debate to her liking, at least as well as President Obama can. (Watching her is entertaining, too; she speaks and the powers-that-be squirm.)

Keep on fighting, Mrs. Palin. The people that need to hear you are listening.


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