Friday, April 03, 2009


Teleprompter Unplugged

If you get mad when people refer to "the TelePromTer President", you probably don't want to click the link above. If you take umbrage when people say that President Obama is less than articulate without a script, or that the American press is all too eager to cover for him when he trips, then this link is not for you.

If, however, you're a little tired of the Obama adulation and rock-star status -- from the silly to the downright disturbing -- and are delighted when a newspaper actually reports his flubs, just as we'd expect them to do for any President -- then you might enjoy this.

Brief version: President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown were asked an insightful question on the economic crisis, one that boils down to "whose fault is it?"... and Brown defers to Obama, who then spent two and a half minutes not answering the question.

John Crace, writing for The Guardian, does not mince words in his transcript of President Obama's answer. Enjoy.

For the purists, here's a link, supposedly, to a YouTube video of the event. (I haven't watched it myself yet.) Oh, and as of 3PM on April 3rd, nearly 48 hours later, hardly any non-British newspaper has covered the story.

(hat tip: American Thinker)

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