• Demanded that Fatah terrorists abandon their positions, threatening to attack those who remained in their posts
  • Launched afternoon attacks against Fatah-allied terrorists
  • Captured several positions from Fatah
  • Surrounded a compound, in which approximately 500 Fatah terrorists were holed up, and fired mortars and rocket-propelled grenades at the building
  • Ransacked the Gaza home of former palestinian foreign minister Nabil Shaath of Fatah, and shot one of his bodyguards in the leg.
  • Deployed fighters in Khan Younis and erected roadblocks in order to inspect cars.
  • Seized a hospital in Khan Yunis, the third medical center to come under Hamas control in two days
  • Threatened to attack the headquarters of the Preventive Security Service in Gaza City, which is loyal to Fatah
  • Attacked the home of a senior Fatah security official with mortars and grenades, killing 3 women and a child
  • Accused Fatah of being "Zionist collaborators"
  • Called for the execution of the Fatah's military and political leaders
  • Described the fighting as a civil war
  • Threatened to step things up a notch

  • Fatah:
  • Accused Hamas of staging a coup (ya' think?)
  • Threatened to withdraw from the National Unity Government (ya' think?)
  • Believe Hamas is trying to achieve a decisive victory in the Gaza Strip "within hours" (here's hoping this thing is drawn out for a longer time)
  • Were up until the last few hours still awaiting orders from Mahmoud Abbas to fight back
  • Announced it would kill Hamas officials unless Hamas ceased its attacks
  • Abducted the deputy cabinet minister from Hamas in Ramallah
  • Attacked the home of palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh with a rocket-propelled grenade (Haniyeh and his family were unhurt)
  • Kidnapped a member of the Hamas military wing (a cousin of Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the arch terrorist we killed 3 years ago) and executed him in the street.
  • Stormed the house of a Hamashole and burned it to the ground.
  • Called for the execution of the Hamas' military and political leaders
  • Started playing Fatah songs on Hamas TV (a possible sign that they have taken control of the broadcast)
  • Described the fighting as a civil war
  • Declared a State of Alert

  • Hamas or Fatah (not sure yet):
    Launched at least 4 shells at the Technological Science College

    The UN:

    Human Rights Organizations: